Parking lot paving and resurfacing are two of the most common services we offer in Reading, PA. We are licensed, bonded, and insured as well. We have years of experience as asphalt paving contractors as well. Our top paving company also has excellent reviews, which you can view. We are passionate about providing premium customer service for our clients all at a friendly price point. Get a free estimate from us by reaching out to us today.

Residential and Commercial Paving Services in Reading, PA


Our parking lot paving services are available for both commercial and residential clients throughout Reading, PA. If you want your parking lot to have a smooth and easy appearance, then we want to help. We use the highest quality asphalt and equipment to ensure the result is always positive. Here are a few of our paving services for parking lots.

New Parking Lot Installations

Our new parking lot installations are designed to give your asphalt a beautiful top layer. Our paving company is designed to maximize the space you have to ensure that you can use it the way you like. Before we deliver a new parking lot we perform an inspection to see what the next steps forward are.

Parking Lot Replacements

If your parking lot is wearing down and aging, then it could be time for a paving replacement. Replacements involve more work and can be more expensive than other services. However, if you have to have it done there is no better paving company than Reading Paving Pros in Reading, PA.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

Resurfacing is a more affordable alternative to replacing your asphalt. Resurfacing involves peeling your top layer of asphalt back and repairing it where necessary. Consider us if you need resurfacing to repair your parking lot as it is.

For premium parking lot services that support your commercial property, then consider reaching out to Reading Paving Pros. We offer free estimates for any and all paving services you require. When you are in need of parking lot repairs or service, then reach out to us today.

Parking Lot Resurfacing


Not sure if your parking lot needs to be resurfaced? Our paving company is here to guide you through any of your asphalt paving questions. We use the best quality asphalt and use our skills and experience to deliver you premium services. Here is how to tell if your parking lot needs to be resurfaced.

Condition of Your Asphalt

Is your asphalt crumbling, breaking, or does it have multiple cracks? But is it overall still sturdy and strong? If so, then your parking lot might be a good candidate for resurfacing.

Parking Lot Drainage

The grade and current drainage of your parking lot also make a difference in whether or not you can have it resurfaced. If it drains improperly or is too flat, you might require more than just resurfacing. Often times this involves completely repaving your parking lot.  

Position of Surrounding Surfaces

The placement of your surrounding sidewalks, street curbs, patios, or other areas will also affect our decision to move forward with resurfacing or recommend overlaying your parking lot. If they too need to be repaired or adjusted, then you may not want to move forward with resurfacing.

Whether you need parking lot paving or resurfacing, you can choose Reading Paving Pros for the best service. Reach out to us to get your free paving estimate from us today.